Scottrade needed a strategic partner who could help them take their web presence to the next level. Using our expertise in user experience, content strategy, custom web development, social media and technology we helped them become a go-to resource for investors.

Growth Potential

On the surface, Scottrade's aim was simple: create an intuitive site that was simple enough for a novice investor to navigate without compromising the advanced features and functionality that seasoned investors demanded. But we sensed an opportunity to do more. Our experience told us that through a blend of meaningful content, good design and relevant functionality, the Scottrade site could become the resource for investors.
Creating a site that resonates with users requires a commitment to taking the user into account every step of the way. In order to become a go-to resource for investors, Scottrade needed to go beyond trading functionality and investment products alone. The solution: useful, usable content that satisfied investor's informational needs and helped them achieve their goals.
In order to understand what users wanted - and needed - we relied on our expertise in usability testing and iterative web design to quickly launch a beta version of the Scottrade site with an updated design and information architecture.
After 3 months of data collection, we used the information we collected to optimize the user experience and to inform the content strategy. The revised version included multivariate and A/B testing of campaign messages, which allowed us to hone in on the features and messages that resonated the most with users, such as third-party streaming stock quotes and targeted user content.
Going Mobile
The explosion in mobile use prompted us to extend the Scottrade experience to portable devices. We collaborated with Scottrade to extend the brand's presence beyond the desktop.
In order to make the mobile experience meaningful we adapted the experience to match user behavior on mobile devices. We created more direct content more fluid design and more visible CTA's to support the task-oriented mobile user.
Sustaining Success
As always, we make sure that the strategy we implement can be sustained over the long term.
Otherwise what's the point? In order to make sure that the Scottrade team could sustain the content operations for the site, we configured and implemented an advanced content management system that made content maintenance and site governance easy.
The End Product
Scottrade walked away with a complete and memorable user experience that delivered meaningful content in a way that captured users' interest and earned their loyalty.
They also took home the tools and infrastructure required to support the content they were creating for their platform in order to sustain a vibrant user experience.